I was raised by wolves in a deep, dark forest just outside of Transylvania, where I spent my days frolicking among the evergreens and eating nuts and berries...

No? Ok then, onward with the truth:

I love studying, teaching, and learning anthropology. I received my Ph.D. in anthropology with a specialization in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and a concentration in "Culture, Resources, and Power" from Michigan State University. While there, I also received their award-winning Certification in College Teaching.

I am a previous fellow of the Mesoamerican Language and Cultural Institute at the
UNC-Chapel Hill/ Duke University Consortium in Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Part of my graduate work was completed in residence at the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan in Merida, Mexico and the Universidad de Quintana Roo- Cozumel.

I received my undergraduate degree summa cum laude in anthropology and linguistics from the University of Florida. In the spaces in between, I lived in France, the Netherlands, and as a Fulbright scholar in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Most of my fun time is spent traveling the world, SCUBA diving, growing my own food, playing with my labradoodle, and going to music concerts.


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