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Students will examine the cultural frameworks and theoretical debates concerning sex and gender, including the impact of forces of change (migration, globalization, etc.) on gender issues. The perspectives of women and contemporary ethnic groups that identify with or seek to redefine Latino/a, Chicano/a, Native American, and African American experiences will be emphasized.

This course will raise your awareness and challenge your attitudes about what is perceived as "natural" or "normal" about men and women. We will critically analyze local realities, everyday lives, and global processes to further understand sexual and gender-based inequality and violence.


We will also watch films about gender in various settings, arguments for and against biological determinism and sexuality, and political and cultural barriers to gender expression.


In all these respects, the course contributes to the wider aims of a liberal arts education, and I hope you find the goals of this course useful in many aspects of your life as an NVC student and beyond!

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