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Napa Valley College Catalog Description:

ANTH 121 (3 units) This introductory course positions culture as a key concept for understanding diverse ways of life both internationally and in American communities. Primary anthropological methods and concepts of kinship, gender, ethnicity, race and class will be explored as forms of elements of society and culture. Through analyzing the intersections between global processes and identity-making, this class will explore what it means to be “American,” as well as to be human, in the contemporary world. CSU, UC

The goal of this course is to introduce you to the foundational concepts, methods, and data of cultural anthropology.

We will critically think, read, and watch films about cultural differences, ethnic diversity, and the relationship between power and action. We will review ethnographic work that explains and describes anthropological phenomena. You will also practice the methods of anthropology through small fieldwork projects and learn more about what it takes to become a "professional stranger."

In all these respects, the course contributes to the wider aims of a liberal arts education, and I hope you find the goals of this course useful in many aspects of your life as an NVC student and beyond!


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